SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty
SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer - Sequel Beauty

SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer

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The Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step!

The unique oval brush design quickly creates frizz-free volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends in a single pass, for salon blowouts at home. Boosted by IONIC TECHNOLOGY®, hair dries faster with less heat-related damage.


LESS TIME, LESS DAMAGE - Dries and volumizes in one step for less heat damage and beautiful full bodies results. Start using it from wet hair after a shower! It does not damage the hair condition.

CERAMIC COATING - Protects hair from over-styling with even heat distribution that penetrates hair quickly from the inside out for less damage and enhanced shine

UNIQUE AIRFLOW VENTS - Enhanced design for faster drying and better coverage.

OVAL DESIGN - Gently curved sides for smoothing and round edges for smooth volume and curled ends

MULTIPLE HEAT SETTING - Complex drying and styling flexibility for all hair types.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ERGONOMIC DESIGN - For maximum comfort and ease of use during styling.


SEQUEL™ One Step Hair DryerSEQUEL™ One Step Hair DryerSEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer



SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer


F.A.Q (Based on Customers Experience)

Q: Does it work on dry hair?
A: Yes, absolutely. It has been used to freshen up and add volume to dry hair.

Q: What diameter is the brush?
A: It is not really a circle brush, but more of an ellipse or rounded rectangle. If I measure both ways from including the bristles, it is about 4.5" x 3".

Q: Does the brush rotate at all?
A: No, it is one solid piece, but the cord swivels so it is not hard to turn the brush/dryer in your hand.

Q: Is this good for Fine hair? I have fine hair(straight) and medium length(little below shoulder length). Would this work fine to create volume?
A: Yes. It has been used also on a non-super fine hair, thin and chin length. The hair looked much fuller since we used the SEQUEL™ One Step Hair Dryer on it.

Q: Does this have a cold shot button on it? for setting hair?
A: It has a cold "setting", not a separate cold shot button.

Q: I have really thick curly hair. Does this completely straighten it and how long would it take for thick curly hair?
A: If you have blow dried your hair with a large round brush before - as a hair stylist would - it would look very similar to that. It's just the ease of only using one tool rather than using two (blow dryer and brush). We've used it on curly hair (medium thickness) and it worked. The cool setting helps to set the hair from going back to curly.

Q: Is this good for thick wavy coarse hair?
A: Yes, you'll love it for thick, long, wavy coarse hair. Still takes some time to do it, but since the barrel is so big, you can put way more the hair on it than on a regular brush, and the high heat helps to get it straight faster.

Q: Does this thing spin, or do you pull it through your hair?
A: You pull it through your hair as you would with a hairbrush.

Q: I believe this dryer is 1000 watts?
A: yes and while it may not seem like a lot compared to 1875 dryers, the focused airflow works incredibly well, with more than sufficient heat. The ionic/ceramic barrel really helps shine and smooth the hair without flyaways.



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